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1. Why some online videos are broken?
All our online videos are hosted on third party sites such as youtube, dailymotion, wat and yahoo. They may be deleted by those site owners. We don't guarantee they are always available. Please tell us when you find a broken link, we will fix it as soon as possible.
2. Why do you only offer downloads to premium members?
All high quality downloads are hosted on our 99.9% uptime servers. As you know, servers fees are very expensive, so we have to charge premium member some money which will go to funding our server hosting fees. We manage the downloadable videos, so you won't be worried about broken links. You can download videos directly from our servers at any time. We do hope you can become our donator(premium member). Your support will make us try our best to feed your asian drama addiction. Please Click here to check premium member benifits.
3. How much can I download?
As a premium member, you can download as much as you want. We put absolutely no limits on the amount you can download.
4. Can I use a download manager / accelerator to speed up the downloads? And which download manager should i use?
Yes. Since the files we offer are so large, 500-900MB+, we recommend the use of a download manger. Download mangers allow you to resume downloads if they are interrupted, and they can also accelerate your downloading speed up to 500%-1000% faster. We recommend 'Free Download Manager' to windows users. Please follow the steps as bellow to install and use it.

(1) Click here to get 'Free Download Manager' software. Just download FDM Lite version, and then install it by default.

(2)Copy download link address. Go to episode download page, for example, you want to download Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 3, just click Korean Drama on top menus, and then find and click Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and then click the links with words like 'Download Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 3', you will land at 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 3' download page, finally right click your mouse on the link with pink words like 'Click Here to Download Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 3 Video File' and click 'Copy shortcut'(for IE browser) or 'Copy link address'(for Firefox and Chrome browser), download link address will be copied...

(3)Open 'Free Download Manager' and click the blue 'Add Icon'(+) on the left to start a new download, and then paste download link to 'URL' input, finally click 'ok' button and downloads will start....

(4)When downloads finished,right click the video filename on free download manager, and select 'Open folder', you can find where your downloads are. Open video file with VLC media player you will be able to enjoy HD drama. Please remember to download subtitle file if provided.

To those Mac users, we recommend you use iGetter.It's shareware ( costs money for the full version ), but even if you don't pay to activate it it's still very functional.
5. Are the downloadable files split as the online videos?
Each episode has a single video file. You will be able to watch a high qulity video smoothly without any disturb.
6. Is my payment secure?
Yes. All payments are processed by WebMoney. WebMoney is the worlds largest online payment processor with millions of active users. Your data is safe with them. We don't get any of your credit card or banking information.
7. How long from when I pay to when I can download?
You can begin downloading as soon as your payment clears. If you pay using your credit card, debit card, or Webmoney balance your payment will clear instantly. If you use your checking account as the funding source ( an Echeck ) then your payment will not clear for 3-5 days. For this reason we recommend you pay using a credit or debit card.
8. What format are downloadable video files in?
The majority of the files are in AVI format using H.264, DivX or XviD codecs. But, some series / episodes may use MP4, MKV, WMV format.
9. What language are the series in?
All our drama are in korean, japanese, or taiwanese with English subtitles.
10. What media player should I use to watch the video files?
You may have a media player installed on your computer, but it may can't play some of our videos. For example, windows media player can't play MKV format videos. So we highly recommend VLC media player to you. It is free, cross-platform, have no spyware, adware, or other security issues. We have tested it on our coumputer and make sure that it can play all our videos. You can click here to download the latest version for your operating system. The installation is quite simple. Just use defaults.
11. Why no video shows when i play the video file? And how to solve codecs problem?
This normally happens if you try and play the file within Windows Media Player ( Windows' default player for AVI files ). Please install VLC media player and use it to play video files. Or install Combined Community Codec Pack, it will install the needed codecs and filters to allow Windows Media Player to play most AVI files, but it will not be able to play MP4 files. You can click here to download Combined Community Codec Pack.
12. Why no subtitles show on the videos?
(1)Some of our dramas are hard-subbed. 'hard-subbed' means subtitles are encoded in video files. Therefore does not require you to do anything to make the subtitle show in your player.

(2)We also have lots of soft-subbed videos. 'soft-subbed' is opposed to the 'hard-subbed'. It means subtitles are not encoded in the video files, they are only stored in a separate file with formats as .srt, .sub or .ass.

(3)To play a 'soft-subbed' video, you need to download its subtitle file we provide to you and put them in the same folder with the same filename.

For example:

'Dong.Yi.E01.450p.HAN.avi' is the video file, and '' is the subtitle file. They are saved in the same folder on your computer with the same filename 'Dong.Yi.E01.450p.HAN'.
Please note, '.avi' and '.srt' are file extensions, not the filename. If you use windows system and hide file extensions, you can't see the file extensions '.avi' and '.srt'. What you see are only the filename 'Dong.Yi.E01.450p.HAN'. So how to show file extensions in windows, click here to learn how... If you want to change the filenames, please make sure the video file and the subtitle with the same filename.

Play the video file 'Dong.Yi.E01.450p.HAN.avi' with VLC media player, subtitles will show out..if subs still not show, on the top menu of VLC player, select 'Video' >> 'Subtitles Track' >> 'Open file'>> open the subtitle file '' , subs will show.

If a video is sotf-subbed, you can find a subtitle download link for it on the episode download page.
13. I use windows system, can i play videos with Widows Media Player?
If you prefer Windows Media Player, follow the steps as below:

(1)Cause Windows Media Player can't play files with formats as .mp4, .mkv, .flv etc, you need to install Combined Community Codec Pack to slove codecs problem.Click here to download Combined Community Codec Pack.

(2)Windows Media Player can't show soft subs by default, so you need to install a filter to show soft subs in subtitle files. Download Vobsub at:

Now you can enjoy our HD dramas with Windows Media Player ...
14. I use Mac, can i play videos with QuickTime?
If you prefer QuickTime, follow the steps as below:

(1) Update your QuickTime to latest version.

(2) QuickTime can't show soft subs by default, you need to install a component which can help you show subs in subtitle file. Download the component here:

Now you can enjoy our HD dramas with QuickTime ...
15. Why VLC Player can't play some episodes(No video shows or codec problem)?
Some members report that VLC Player can't play some episodes. This is because a few episodes are encoded in specail codecs, and VLC can't analyze these codecs. If you find this issue, Please follow the steps as below to solve the problem.

(1)For windows user, please use windows media player to play the video file, click here to check how to...

(2)For Mac user, please use QuickTime to play the video file, click here to check how to...
16. How to play some episode files that are in .rar or .zip format (compressed files).?
A few taiwanese drama files are in .rar or .zip format (compressed files). Please extract them to the same folder with WinRar or 7-zip. If you don't know how to extract files, click here to learn how to. You can click here to download WinRaR.
17. Can I request you add a series?
Sure. As long as it has been released we will try our best to find and host it. Now we are adding more dramas to our databases, you will be able to enjoy more great dramas soon.
18. What do I do if I have a problem?
If you ever have any problem please feel free to contact us. We're here to help. But, please don't be rude to us, we're not here to be insulted.